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RiP Services


Services provided:

  • Mentoring and Guidance
  • Education Advisory
  • School and G.E.D. Placement
  • Community Service
  • Speak Out tours in prisons
  • Speak Out tours in schools, communities etc…
  • Assistance with food and clothing (must meet certain criteria)
  • Native American Cultural Resources
  • Referral for MCN Counseling etc…
  • “Count Down to Re-entry”
  • 12 Steps & Medicine Wheel Stress Solutions
  • Character Building
  • Job Skills
  • Re-entry Roadblocks
  • Educational Options
  • Reintegration Techniques
  • Speak Out Tours
  • Advocacy at Parole Hearings
  • Prison Tours
  • Re-entry Wellness Conference
  • Service Payback
  • Juvenile Specialist Tours/Speak Outs Advocacy
  • Driver's License Reinstatement 


Youth Services

In addition to the above services offered to our adult population, the Reintegration has a youth component that focuses on providing mentor-ship to at risk juveniles and partners with local schools, communities, Oklahoma Juvenile Affairs etc… Our goal is to help our youth become positive and productive citizens. Our focus is to provide youth with a better understanding of life skills that may guide them to a positive outlook of life and achievement. By providing these skills to at risk youth we as adults partake in our future leaders. Challenges lay ahead of our youth and we feel it is crucial that we step in as adults and show support not only to our youth for the “pride” of our Nation.


Speak Out Programs:

Our speak-outs consist of our youth specialist taking success stories from our adult program to facilities to talk about choices they have made in their lives from an early age that have lead them to incarceration.   In facilitating this program our youth specialist tells stories of their life that has impacted them. Well also go over statistics with the youth to explain to them the choices that they are making involving underage drinking, drugs a crime does not pay. We as a group explain to the youth that the choice they make today will affect them the rest of their lives. By giving this presentation we fill that if we can reach at least one youth then that is one life that we have touched and possibly saved. This is a very impactful presentation that has a lot of substance to the message. We have been asked to present this message across the state and at national conferences.